The closest Voter Service Center—where you can vote in person, drop off a ballot, pick up a replacement ballot, or register to vote—for Denver County students on the Auraria Campus is:

Tivoli Student Center
900 Auraria Pkwy, Denver
Monday-Friday 10/22-11/4 | 10am-6pm
Saturday 10/27 & 11/3 | 10am-2pm
Monday 11/5 | 8am-6pm

Election Day, Tues. 11/6 | 7am-7pm

NOTE: All Colorado voters can drop off ballots at the Tivoli (or any Voter Service Center in the state), but only Denver County residents can actually register/vote in person at these Denver county locations. If you live in a different county and want to vote (or register) in person, go to a Voter Service Center in the county you live in.

For a full list of locations & hours, visit

All registered voters will be mailed a ballot at their address of registration. You have two options to submit this ballot:

Drop it off:
You can drop off your ballot at any ballot dropbox or Voter Service Center in the state. Your ballot must be *received* by 7pm on Election Day.

Mail it back:
If you mail your ballot back, be sure to affix postage. All ballots must be received by the County Clerk by 7pm on November 6th. Postmarks do not count.

You may need to include a photocopy (or printed photo) of an acceptable form of ID with your mail ballot­­—please refer to your mail ballot to see if this is required of you.

If you’re not registered to vote, or not registered at your current address, or you just like voting in person, you can still go register and/or vote in person at any time up to & including Election Day at any Voter Service Center in your county. In-person early voting starts Oct. 22nd and ends at 7pm on November 6th. Note: You *must* bring a form of ID in order to vote in person.

What to bring / ID requirements
If you’re voting in person, you must bring a form of valid ID. Options for valid ID include the following:

  • Colorado Student ID
  • CO Driver’s License or ID
  • Utility Bill with your current address on it
  • Military ID

For a full list of acceptable IDs, click here.


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